• We buy from verified suppliers and sell to identified end-buyers only.
  • Our procedure is simple, clear and safe for genuine suppliers and buyers.
  • We exclude worthless documents and instruments with doubtful practical application.


TWINSS GROUP buys and sells various exportable commodities acting on behalf of undisclosed principals. We buy in own name from suppliers in possession of goods only. We do not take possession of the goods and do not consider buying such goods from intermediaries. We sell to end-buyer who gets both physical possession and documentary title of the goods.

We always verify suppliers to secure product and identify end-buyers. The supplier should be able to supply products of the required quality in a sufficient quantity and in time. The producer must provide assurance of supply in the form of a long standing offer for products they can easily produce at any given time.

Intermediaries or brokers should be prepared to disclose their principals and act as our agents throughout the deal. Due diligence must be conducted to verify sources first before OTS or RFQ formatted and forwarded to us. We protect and guarantee reasonable commissions to all intermediaries of the successful transaction.

We consider a single or monthly delivery of non break bulk cargo above 10,000MT, and FCL shipment exceeding 500MT. Smaller batches can be noticed in certain cases.

We decline offers and transactions use flawed trading procedures and documents such as LOI, BCL, PB, MT103/23, POP, MFPA, RWA, NCNDA etc. required before DLC lodged.

We adhere to safest trading rules 'URPIB', apply international banking rules of safe payment 'UCP600' and Collection rules 'URS522', 'Incoterms 2010' Delivery rules and English Common Law of contract formation as minimum trading standards for our transaction.

Priority goods are raw materials, chemical products, metallurgy and agriculture. Acceptable models of delivery: FOB CIF CFR FAS FCA CIP CPT.


  1. Buyer sends the seller request for quote (RFQ).
  2. Seller issues offer to sell (OTS). Buyer returns signed offer to the seller.
  3. Seller issues draft contract in pdf format and sends to the buyers.
    Buyer returns signed draft contract to the seller by fax or e-mail.
  4. Seller sends the original contract to the buyer by courier DHL.
    The buyer shall sign the original and returns to the seller.
  5. Buyer issues financial instrument (DLC) within the contract terms.
  6. Seller issues Performance Guarantee in the form of SLC to Buyer if offered.
  7. Seller delivers the goods and the shipping documents on the contract.
  8. Seller collects the credit 'at sight' on clean presentation the delivery documents.
  9. Next shipment initiated within the contract terms.

Usually, the first delivery starts in 60 +/-10 days after offer. This time farme need for contract finalization and issuance, DLC administration and carrier arrangement. In case of revolving shipments, the next delivery in 30 days.

The existence, nature, terms and conditions of any Agreement are absolutely confidential between the parties and shall not be disclosed to anyone else, except as shall be necessary to effectuate its terms.

Offer to Sell

Request for Quote

UPC600 Rules